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THE GREEN LIGHT WORLD /english version/

From 1959 to 1968 prior to establishing the company, Mr. Negretti worked as the National Sales manager for Wella International for the northern regions of Italy. With his enhanced sales experience, in 1968 Mr. Negretti became a sub-distributor for various national and international brand names in Northern Italy.

Beauty Service S.R.L. in Italy was founded in 1977 by the President Mr. Giancarlo Negretti.                          

In 1983 after working in the industry for so long and after seeing the dissatisfaction of numerous hairdressers with regards to the products they were using in their salons and the aversion of their respective clients with regards to the results of the services they were receiving. Mr. Negretti decided to take on a project which, not only would satisfy the hairdressers in the Italian Market, but would also satisfy the requirements of hairdressers worldwide.

In 1985 the "Green Light" brand name was registered. Soon after, research with a group of highly qualified professionals began. Long years, careful scientific research and extremely hard work were spent into giving birth to this new international project.

In 1996, twelve years from the original idea, the Green Light Philosophy was launched on the national and international markets with the confidence that a range of professional hair care "Products" with really new concepts and power of sale were produced and the same, together with the other four elements in the Green Light: "Accessories", "Education", "Arquitecture of Well Being" and "Marketing and Communication" were going to satisfy the contemporary hairdresser's most different needs.

Giannantonio Negretti / Giancarlo Negretti

General Direktor / President Green Light World


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